Sunday, November 25, 2012


We've been visiting the spouse's parents for a few days and it's been a daunting thing, as usual.  I worry a lot about setting a child free in a pristine, child-resident-free environment.  My in-laws have totally redone the house since the spouse and my brother-in-law lived here, down to, well, everything.  New shiny white paint, new very white carpet, new crumb-free furniture, new bathroom that's never had soapy bath toys chucked at it.  The strangest piece to me is that they left on Friday and we've been here all alone since then, eating their food and making a (minor) mess.  Not sure who planned that exactly, but whatever.  I am unwilling to be in charge of the extended family's inability/unwillingness to make plans (with us) any amount in advance, and if that means we stay here alone for 3 days of our 5 day visit, that's life.

We went shopping on Black Friday, and I think it's probably the first time I've done so on purpose.  Our local crunchy stuff parenting store had a really good sale, so we went.  It wasn't crowded and they had cider and cookies (aww, how cute!) and 75% off cloth diaper covers in a size we needed (kapow!).  Then we went to the Baby Stuff Warehouse Store to make sure the carseat we bought (some time ago, when it was on clearance) will actually fit in the car.  As it turns out, it had become a Toys AND Baby Stuff store since our last visit maybe a year ago or more, so parking was a nightmare but apparently everyone left just as we arrived, so eventually we got the carseat temporarily installed and the kid and I test-drove various strollers around.  We're both pretty happy with one that's $100 less than the perfect stroller, so we'll see how that all goes when we are ready to actually buy a stroller.

While we were there, we looked at the 50% off baby clothes... and despite having resolved not to buy any newborn sized clothes, the perfect outfit combo thing presented itself, so we cracked and bought it.  There's another picture for the snapshot tomorrow too, although I'll try to rotate it properly.

Saturday we went shopping again (oh how I hate shopping) at a small business that sells used children's clothes and stuff to enjoy their 40% off everything sale.  Mostly we got things for the kid because she has gotten enormous but not quite enormous enough to fit into many of her long pants, but we did pick out a few things for Little Monster.  It's a challenge to have to keep reminding her that she can't get frilly pink or purple dresses for the baby because boy babies don't wear frilly pink or purple dresses.  I feel like "dress" is the line for me.  All other clothing that we already own for babies will be worn by Little Monster, pink or not, but no dresses on boys unless they are old enough to decide so for themselves or the kid does the dressing in the context of "pretend play."

It's a good thing our town has very few places to shop.  It keeps me out of trouble.


  1. Ahh, you got a little monster outfit for Little Monster! It sounds like if shopping was in the cards, that's the very best kind of shopping.

  2. Shopping at a Cloth Diaper store sounds pretty AWESOME to me!! It's the only shopping I did while I was in Chicago a couple weeks ago. :)

    Little Monster - I love it!