Monday, November 5, 2012

In which I suddenly need an app for that

I own an iPod touch.  It's very shiny and takes pictures and everything, without obligating me to text or phone anyone.  Also Lego Harry Potter.  Just sayin.

It also has the capability to set alarms and remind me of things.  I do use this, a great deal, but up to this point for appointments and school things only.

Today I realized the time has arrived to add reminders for more basic things like taking my meds (I get to take Zantac twice a day so I feel human) and meals and snack times.

Just now I realized that I feel awful and shaky and weird.  Then I looked at the clock and noticed it's been 4 hours since I ate and probably that long since I had any water, and I also realized I never took my meds this morning so OF COURSE I feel like hurling and that a baby dragon is clawing at my stomach.  Duh.

So I'm setting some more alarms so I remember things like snack time and med time and soforth. I think I'll even include in the snack time reminders some healthy suggestions like "carrot time" and "go eat a salad already and you'll feel better."

Dear pregnancy brain,
Thanks for waiting this long to attack full force.  Now if you can confine your attacks to the realm of self-care, that would be amazing.  I need my brain for memorizing and synthesizing vast quantities of information that will help keep patients safe in the future.

Much love (you silly brain of mine, you),
Ms. Future PharmD

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  1. AHHH...pregnancy brain....I don't think mine ever went away....