Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"I don't know what you're going to do with a third of a pecan pie"

I'm feeling pretty wonky and hypertensive and maybe anemic (but there's a lab test for that, and I haven't had it, so it might just be that I'm feeling wonky) so I've been spending very little time doing things like walking or standing.  Maybe all that shopping was overdoing it, although I didn't stand for more than about 15 minutes at a shot during any of it because of testing rocking chairs and soforth.

Anyway, I made a pecan pie for Thanksgiving and about a third of it came home with us.

I requested pie delivery by the spouse and was met with "I don't know what you're going to do with a third of a pecan pie."  Duh. The answer is "eat it, or at least some of it."  Eventually the pie arrived.  I didn't eat the entire third of a pie.


I've scheduled my meals and snacks to match a hobbit's schedule, and pecan pie is decidedly not enough to be second breakfasts, even if it's a third of a pie.

And now, more water and a proper second breakfast.

Also, it's nearly the spouse's birthday, and it's one of those that ends in a zero and is a big deal.  Since I imagine nobody in real life will make a big fuss about what an awesome human the spouse is, here's a little tribute.

Spouse, you are totally awesome.  I know your job has recently started to be pretty awful and its future is uncertain, but you rock for sticking with it and making the best of the situation.  I appreciate all the things you do for me and the kid, all the hours at the library with her so I can study, all the cat vomit cleaning, all the little things.  The big things are great too, like the putting up with me and supporting my sorry bacon through school (some more) and loving me despite my very glaring faults.  It doesn't go unnoticed.  We appreciate you.  You're the super coolest co-parent and I'm glad to have you along for the ride.  It's so cute when you're playing with Little Monster (aka poking at my belly and being kicked in response) and making up silly songs.  If you haven't noticed, it makes me cry a bunch.  I do insist that if you want my blog to have a theme song, it must not involve the words "bloggity blog blog" because you are much more creative than that appropriation of Frosty the Snowman's song suggests.

I hope this next decade brings all the happiness and joy that you deserve, and that you enjoy it when it gets here.  Happy birthday!

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