Thursday, November 22, 2012


It's Thanksgiving in America today, and I am very grateful for all the things I am lucky enough to have.

I am grateful for a spouse who loves me back and is happy to be co-pilot of our silly little family.
I'm grateful for a kid who is such a joy until 7:45pm every day.  She's creative and friendly and awesome before 7:45pm, and that's fantastic.
I'm grateful that the cat hasn't succeeded in killing me by tripping me on the stairs yet, and that we still have the goofy critter despite that motor vehicle accident a couple of years ago.  Well worth the small fortune we spent on hir.
I'm so grateful for second chances, and third and fourth and even fifth chances.
I'm thrilled and grateful to magically be pregnant and so far, successfully so.  I'm grateful to have managed to keep enough hope to try one more month when I was really ready to quit.
I'm grateful that I have a nice place to sleep and a spouse with a job that pays the bills, even if it's recently changed to be a far less pleasant job.  I even get to have a washer and dryer in my own house! How miraculous is that!
I'm grateful to be suffering through pharmacy school now rather than waiting 10 years to go back to school, and that I get the chance to be in school at all.  Wahoo educational system that mostly works and has gotten me this far!
I'm very grateful for all you lovely folk around the blogosphere for making me feel at home and like I belong somewhere and like I'm not totally insane as I go through all this weirdness that is life complicated by infertility and loss.
I'm grateful for my extended family and their love and support, even if sometimes they aren't totally sure how to show either one.

I'm grateful that this little bloggy project has managed to reach 100 posts today in just over a year.  It's been a wild ride and I hope things calm down some but remain interesting just a little bit.  Little things are pretty great too and deserve their moment in the spotlight.

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