Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A very strange thing

Recently our cat has forgiven me for allowing those dastardly kittens to come home and stay for a bit more than a year.  When we moved, not all 3 cats could go, so the kittens were re-homed (are they still kittens when they're 15 months old? No real idea).  Fluffinella (no, that's not the cat's real name, but it would be an awesome name for a cat, right?) is probably 5ish and a pretty cool customer.  Zie likes people sometimes but not always, as probably isn't uncommon for cats who start in one home, go to the humane society, and then go to another animal shelter for a few weeks before moving in with an 18 month old in a medium-sized apartment.  Pre-kittens, zie sometimes came and sat with me while I used the laptop but not very often.  In the last week or three though, the cat has been desperate to sit with/on me and my laptop at least once a day and sometimes even after I've gotten up a few times.

It dawned on me just now that Fluffinella is purring loudly across my belly because I am getting punched by Little Monster in the cat-region of my guts.  They are interacting! Oh my!  I suspect that Fluffinella is feeling all this punching and enjoys the belly massage, and Little Monster is being extra kicky-punchy.

If only I could use the mouse without getting bitten, this would be a lovely set up.  Personal warming critter for me, massage for the cat, entertainment and interaction for Little Monster, everyone wins!  Did I mention that kicks in the ribs mean less tap dancing on my bladder? Yes please! Fluffinella has some wonky teeth so hir "playful" bites hurt quite a bit and the trick is that I get bitten if I get my hand too close to hir mouth (and usually this means near the mouse trackpad of the computer).  On the upside I'm learning more ways to use the computer with only the keyboard.

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