Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Turkey day!

Being American, this is a big deal.  Food, family, and football for an entire day.  Since the spouse's birthday is on/near Thanksgiving every year, it's a doubly big deal.  Last year we visited my family for Thanksgiving so it's the spouse's family's turn this year...

Only I really just want to stay home.  It's at least a 2 hour drive there and I hate the car and so does the kid.  I'd invite everyone here but it's the week before my first "real" final so I will be swamped and the week after a big deal for the spouse at work so we're double swamped.

To make matters more complex, the spouse is having a momentous birthday this year so I feel extra bad for potentially making demands not to go anywhere to see family, especially since it isn't my family we'd be skipping out on.  On the other hand, it isn't so far that the spouse's family couldn't come down to visit (they already have more times since we moved here than in the year we lived a half hour further away and were expecting the kid/had a brand new baby).  Why should I spend all my time traveling when I could spend it cleaning the house and studying instead?

On the other OTHER hand, we don't have TV.  We do own a TV but it's hooked into the video game system and sometimes a VCR and nothing else.  We get netflix and watch DVDs.  Staying home means no football :(  I'm not sure it would be Thanksgiving with no football.  I make sacrifices for school, and the loss of televised football is a big one for me so to have to wait until December sometime to catch a game on TV would be hard. #firstworldproblems

Laziness and house-cleaning or football and family?

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  1. Um, football is synonymous with Thanksgiving for me (football + food + family + beer, actually) so that's my vote. :) Go with your gut though!