Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So how are you?

Stuff lately:

Me: So ready to be done for the semester.  Some of my electives end early (one is finished, one just has another week to go I think...?) and two core classes are just presentations now, so that's weird.  I'm contemplating actually making a study plan to get ready for finals, and I'm going to actually do that today. Really.  Suffering through what is hopefully the end of my most recent sinus infection with a side of almost ear infection, and I think the last one was exactly a year ago, when I was much less pregnant and also slightly less nervous about the whole thing.  Today I opted for the z-pack so I should be better soon enough after 7 weeks of bleh.  Food is not my thing at the moment but I have now gained a kilo over what I weighed pre-pregnancy, so I'm just gonna keep eating stuff.  Craving beef and lentil soup, so it's burgers tonight and lentil soup tomorrow.  Still doing a terrible job remembering to eat so I'm setting up more reminders in my online calendar.

Spouse: playing some Spiderman video game (that the kid picked out at the movie rental place) on the TV and the Penny Arcade game on the iDevice (and I like that one too), excited to see family for Thanksgiving, even willing and excited to go shopping for Little Monster provisions during sales this upcoming weekend (not that this is surprising in the least), also spends several minutes a day chatting to Little Monster and sometimes singing ridiculous made-up songs

Kid: resisting sleeping in her room because "it's too dark."  I discovered the other day that during naps at daycare the room is dark except for a crack of light from the closet.  Her room is never that dark at night, plus she has a night light, a glowing ladybug that projects stars onto the ceiling, and a glowing Lego lantern person next to her pillow.  Currently we are having the Great Nightly Struggle to get her to stay in her room and at least pretend to be asleep.  Still.  After about an hour of negotiating, punishing by taking things away for the next day, and room escapes, she goes to sleep.

Cat: finds eating my larger vining philodendron to be a great pastime and is still longing for the out of doors.  I wonder if zie's secretly throwing up somewhere because it's a supposedly poisonous plant, or if it doesn't bother hir iron stomach.  At least my miniature rose and decidedly poisonous dieffenbachia remain intact.  The dieffenbachia's name is Happy by the way, as named by the kid.

Little Monster: seems to enjoy lectures on immunomodulation, addiction, and leadership styles (go figure).  Has distinct sleeping and kicking periods, including one about 3am that I've been waking up for (and then I don't get back to sleep for several hours).  Zie is due to be a well outfitted pre-baby with the upcoming shopping trip.  I think next weekend we'll put up the crib and start assembling various baby stuff in it.  Or I'll decide it's bad luck and wait until there's an actual baby around to do that.

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