Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer vacation!

This summer, instead of having a vacation, I'm doing a research project (that I got a grant for, wahoo!) and working in the usual "refill too soon, your insurance won't pay for that, let me tell you about your antibiotic, no vicodin for you!" retail setting.  It's a good time and I'm busy with it all.  The spouse had surgery on Tuesday and is healing nicely but being sole breadwinner with two stinking nearly full-time jobs PLUS sole house maintenance person is a lot.  I'm clearly not cut out for this.  I'll sling pills any day, but ask me to do laundry and cook and clean and monitor the kid too? Oof.

And it sounds like someone needs more vicodin after waking up from another pain-induced nap (aka the spouse, poor thing).

Oh. Did I mention that somehow in all of this, we're also moving? HOLY WOW we're moving and soon. Yipes!

No idea how we'll get through this, but we will manage one way or another.  Eventually the movers will arrive, our things will move onto a truck, and eventually they will be unloaded in our new house.  It will work out somehow or other.

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