Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I read lots of blogs, and some I've been reading for a few years, others a few weeks.  In reality, it's become my substitute for watching TV, and honestly it takes less time than the TV used to.

However I've noticed a perhaps not so good thing happen.  I start reading a blog, I enjoy it a lot, it's lovely, and then the author gets knocked up, and I quit reading. It's not a conscious "oh now I'm done reading this blog entirely" sort of deal.  It's a slow process where I decide it's too much for me to cry over every update about whatever is going on with the pregnant blogger that starts with me forgetting to wander over and read the blog in the first place.  I look at most blogs I follow about once a day or so, and no, I don't use one of those reader things.  I'm old fashioned and type in the addresses in my browser.

When the author gets pregnant, the daily check-ins stop because "I just forgot" and maybe I did.  I'm not totally convinced of that though.

And that's probably the sum total of it for the moment.  I think I'll just deal with grief as it happens and life as it happens and that will be all right.

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