Sunday, July 1, 2012

On Time

Some days I feel it is futile to keep explaining time to the kid.  The concept of time is totally foreign to her.

Kid: I never get to pick the movie!
Me: You picked the movie this afternoon, and you get to pick tomorrow.  That's twice in two days,which means it can't be true that you never get to pick.
Kid: But I want to pick now!
Me: It isn't your turn, it's the spouse's turn.
Kid: I NEVER GET TO PICK THE MOVIE! ::throws self to the floor and pounds fists and feet::
Me: Hmm. I'm sorry you feel that way.

Another example:
Kid: When are we moving?
Me: In a few weeks.
Kid: Do I ever get to go to daycare again? ::sobs::
Me: Yes you do.  You get to go to daycare today, in about 10 minutes.  We're leaving as soon as you have some clothes on.
Kid: Oh. That's good.
Me: You get to go to daycare about another 35 times in fact.
Kid: How long is that?
Me:... you get to go tomorrow too, and the day after that, and a bunch more.  Don't worry about when we're moving. When it gets close, we'll let you know.

Hysterical example: (well, I laughed a great deal at the time, possibly because I couldn't think of any other way to respond without my own temper tantrum and I was driving at the time)

Kid: Are we almost there yet?
Me: No. You asked just a minute ago and we aren't much closer.
Kid: ::gurgle rar huff noise::
Me: Tell you what.  In about 6 more songs we'll be there.
Kid: How long is that?
Me: ... after... the "There's a word for that" song is over.
Kid: OK

5 minutes later:
Kid: How soon is the "There's a word for that" song coming up?
Me: ... soon kid, very soon.

So at what age to kids grow a sense of time?

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