Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh my!

So the spouse has been our income for some years now while I've been in school full time and working very little if at all.  The job that the spouse has had hasn't been all that ideal, being about an hour's drive away and at a place that has lousy benefits and relatively low pay.

This means that looking for a better job has been a big thing of late, with about 25 applications out there (maybe more, I quit counting after the first dozen or so).  After 3 interviews, we got an offer, and decided to take the leap and accept it.  It means moving about 150 miles away, and this is not my favorite, but it is life.

The great part (if you ask me, and since this is my blog, OF COURSE you asked me) is that it's a nice career-minded move for me into a region with a lot of really awesome healthcare happening.  And we're closer to out of town friends in two different directions which rocks.

It does change my commute but not as much as you'd imagine since the distance is largely to the other side of our metro area.


Terrifying though it is to move, I'm excited mostly. Still not sure how actually getting ready to move will work, but it will in the end work one way or another.  Moving is an adventure and hopefully we don't have to move to another place after this one.  They have my favorite restaurant, and my other criteria for a place to live have been met.

In case you were curious, my criteria are:
1. Must have a hospital with more than 50 beds, preferably more than 75 beds.
2. Must have pizza delivery.
3. Must have a grocery store and a community pharmacy.
4. Must have a public library open more than 10 hours per week.

Where we live now only meets 2 of those criteria (#3 was added after the first month at our current residence, where we are 3 miles from a town, but since #1 is also lacking in addition to #3, we are realistically 12 miles from town).  I'm excited about a "big city" and stuff.  Maybe more than one place will have pizza delivery!

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