Monday, June 4, 2012

A conversation between me and my blog

Ms. Future PharmD: hey there, blog!
Blog: Oh it's you, is it?
M: What's all that about? That sass!
B: You've been ignoring me. You know it. Don't patronize me.
M: ...
B: Oh yes. You know I'm right.
M: Well I've been busy and stuff.
B: Have you? Really? WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ME?!?!?!? Huh? ::pout::
M:... well I mowed the lawn once. It took a couple of hours, and I fell off the mower once but thankfully it turned off and stopped just like it's supposed to do.  Let's not talk about how tall the grass was or where the mower is currently parked.
B: Are you saying you've been neglecting me so you can stop neglecting your lawn? Who are your neighbors that they weren't up in arms about it not being mowed?
M: Jeepers Blog. I can't say who my neighbors are.  This is an anonymous blog and...
M: All right! I admit it. I was wrong to ignore you for so long. I'd say I won't let it happen again, but life happens and sometimes that means no blog posting. But two posts in two days! Isn't that something?
B: Well at least you admitted you were wrong. But I'm still grouchy.
M: Aren't you always grouchy?
B: I blame you.
M: If you keep blaming others, you'll never grow and change and what have you.
B: It's still all your fault.
M: Well all right then. I have a nap to take and stuff.
B: Harumph.

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  1. Blogs are always so good at guilt trips. My blog and I have had this conversation many times.