Saturday, December 1, 2012

Finals! Eeeep!

There comes this time, twice a year, when I question my sanity a little bit.  Then I remember how much I loathed writing final papers and revising them and hauling around stacks of research, and while studying 15-20 hours a day isn't any fun, it is SO MUCH MORE FUN than papers. 

My finals traditions are similar to and probably more entrenched than holiday traditions.  I watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies back to back, first with no commentary, then usually the director's commentary, then the design commentary, and then the actors' commentary because it's my favorite.  I usually make bread at least once (from scratch), and often also a pie or two, and I think there will be cookies and snack mix again this year.  A friend is deployed so I'm going to send ginger cookies.  I wonder if they'll arrive before the end of the year.  No idea how long it takes to mail things to Afghanistan.  I also make sure the festive holiday lights get put up so my late night studying is by twinkly lights so I remember that there is an end in sight.  Someday I'll just have the two board exams to take and then I'll be done (unless I decide to get licensed somewhere else too and then it's another state exam... oy...).

Last year my doctor had me eating the gestational diabetes diet so I didn't gain too much weight, so there were no goodies for me.  Then the Wednesday before finals, I discovered I'd lost the pregnancy (during a review session no less) and had the d&c Friday.  Wednesday night I made a really excellent festive holiday snack mix with a s'more theme and a sweet sauce on the cereal part of it.  If I find the recipe, I'll post it.  I ate a good portion of it that night because WHY NOT.

So far I have survived and watched The Fellowship of the Ring.  Then I watched UP and after I cried, I took a nap... so no more sad movies.  Just gruesome ones.  Maybe I'll throw the Die Hard movies into the rotation.  On the something something side, my next OB appointment is on the anniversary of one of those rotten days from last year.  Nothing like making this more scary than necessary... wheeee.

And now, back to the regularly scheduled infrequent updates.  To everyone studying, best of luck.  This is my favorite finals themed song.  I think the kid knows all the words by now.

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