Friday, December 7, 2012

Name game

Names are such a weird thing to think about.  I find that I can't stop thinking about baby names.  It would be easier if we knew which variety of baby is expected, but we don't, so that's life.

We're stuck in a loop of about 5 names that we sort of like, pretty well but not super well.  We like my grandma's name but a hurricane shared her name not so long ago, so it's probably out (bummer).  Then there's the weird thing with matching to the kid's name or not, and not to any pet we've had in at least 10 years, and being sure the initials are acceptable and don't spell BARF or something else awful, and that we're not stealing someone else's long-selected perfect name.

I am terrible at waiting. Terrible.  You'd think that after years of waiting for child 2, and the pins and needles I'm still waiting on, I'd be used to it.  Nope, I just try to fill the space.  I stepped back from a lot of things so I'd have more time to be focused on school, and I feel less focused because I've got plenty of free time and I'm using it in ways that aren't that constructive.  It gives me time to ponder things and obsess about things and blog about them.


I feel like the only resolution to the name game will be meeting Little Monster and considering carefully which name fits hir.

Since we're stuck in this "considering names" loop, I have to learn patience.  It's unlikely to be successful but I'm going to try.

It's an honor to name something, to create a burgeoning identity with a name.  We didn't get to name the cat since zie was in a shelter first for several months and probably knew the name zie was given.  I haven't gotten to naming my computer yet (I should do that!) but my iDevice has a name, the car has a name, and it's weird that there's no name for this occasion.  It seems like I'm already a bad parent that I can't settle on a name.

So.  Name suggestions for either Little Monster (of the female variety, since we have a very nice male name left since the kid isn't) or the laptop?

For the laptop, I've considered naming it after a kind of apple (which it isn't), or something else vaguely computer related, or a fairy tale character name.  Whatever it is, it needs to be suitable to be shouted loudly when I'm scolding it so it's clear to everyone who is in trouble (because right now there's sometimes a response to my computer shouting like "I wasn't doing anything!" or "Do you mean me?").  I'm not sure if the computer has a gender, but it could.

Suggestions welcome.


  1. A couple of names that I've come across recently that I liked for girls: Daisy, Piper, and Violet. I only just now realized that two of them are flowers. I wonder if that says anything about me...

    1. I like them all too, but the spouse has vetoed anything that's "too popular" and that kicks out Violet for sure. Currently I'm after really cool flowers/plants that are less popular as names (although Hyacinth was also vetoed... perhaps with good reason).