Sunday, December 9, 2012

Finals! Arg!

Tomorrow is my first big deal final.

Am I prepared? Nah.

Do I care? A little bit. 

I should care much more than I do, since I ought to be making some attempt to fix my awful GPA (well, and taking 4 credits of fluffy electives might be helping with that...) but knowing that I have very adequate grades in all my classes is not motivating me to study at all.  One final I have to get more than 40% to pass the class and more than 70% to get a B, so... nap wins!

Probably tomorrow (or today, since most folk seem to read in the mornings) I have to go in for an ultrasound to verify that the weird (moderate to severe) stabby pain is really round ligament pain.  On the upside, an OB who took my weird stabby pain seriously enough to look into it when it didn't go away in a week! (Downside: also recommended I take something that it says in my chart I'm allergic to... Reading: expected of doctors, apparently not required, but I knew that)

I'm pretty sure it's just really bad round ligament and/or hip/back pain, so that's a big improvement for me too.  then I realize that if it's this bad now, March will be just thrilling.  Sorry in advance, spouse!

Today I enjoyed a carb-fest because I am fairly convinced that I'll fail my glucose test and those results should be in tomorrow.  So maybe I'm not actually improving in being less freaked out, just freaked out about things that are statistically more likely to be true.  It continues to seem to me like the other shoe must be out there and waiting to drop, and it would be so much nicer if the shoe lands on something that's manageable rather than something that isn't (say infant death for example, or a clot for someone that ends poorly with significant damage).

At any rate, it's very hard to study while being pummeled in places that hurt (wow is Little Monster a busy fetus).  By about 9pm I am totally unable to stay upright it hurts so much, so I've missed my study group two nights in a row (boo).

And now, a return to my notes and finals and all that jazz.  I will probably be awol for a few days since I've studied even less for the rest of my finals (and my new neighbors' dog(s) keep barking and waking me up so I need extra naps). wooooooot.


  1. Good luck with your finals! I hope you get the scores you need. And I hope the round ligament pain lessens.

  2. Good luck with your finals! I don't miss that at all.

  3. Good luck! A carb-fest sounds like an excellent companion to studying!