Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh nerves

So assuming things go/are going well, we are having a baby.  In mid-February to mid-March.

We decided because we're private people to wait the 12 weeks to tell anybody (ahem except the whole world here on this blog...), and today starts week 13.

I'm still nervous about sharing the happy news.  Maybe I shouldn't be, but maybe it doesn't matter anymore what "should be."  It's scary after loss to be happy about this.  I kind of guard my feelings and try not to be too invested, just in case, so I don't get hurt too much.

I am really excited that most of the early whacked out pregnancy sickness seems to be better or gone.  Less all day "morning" sickness, less vertigo trending to very little, and a better behaved blood pressure.  It's also scary though, to not have my body hinting every minute that I'm still successfully pregnant.

This weekend is a family shindig all weekend long, so it would be a good idea to tell people what's up.  It's convenient.  I'm not convinced I'm ready though.  Oh life is so complex and I am so indecisive. Arg.

At the moment, I am terribly interested in choosing the perfect stroller.  It's a funny thing, really, my interest in a stroller.  Yeah, we live in town and almost close enough to walk to the store, but it's more complex than that because I'm not persuaded that we need "the perfect stroller."  We've got a double bike trailer and an umbrella stroller already, so really.  It's a cute way to manage nesting without leaving my computer... so suggestions welcome.  I imagine I'll be obsessed for months or until I've actually test driven some and chosen a car seat, so that might be until mid-March...

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  1. We like our City Mini. It has a great sunshade. Ohh, good luck with sharing your news. I think you shouldn't feel pressured to tell anyone until you feel ready.