Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What have I been up to?

1. School-ish things
2. Research
3. Eating hummus. nom nom nom.
4. Wrestling with my blood pressure. It's been hanging out at a concerning but not yet to be treated level for the last few weeks.  Upside: less going up and down the stairs! Downside: vertigo!
5. Laying around waiting for the world to stop spinning.  It's been better this week but sheesh.  So much vertigo.  Next week if this isn't a lot better I'm totally getting some drugs to see if it helps.  My concern is that the drugs that work on vertigo are very likely to make me sleepy, and I'm already overly sleep, so that's no good.
6. Watching the kid ride around the block on her bike. Sometimes walking after her, but often just hanging out on the front porch relaxing.
7. Wondering why we have so much stuff. We took a field trip to IKEA last week to acquire new storage solutions for our various things, and most of the time, I just wanted to go home and toss boxes in the trash unopened.
8. Looking knocked up.  Bwah this is weird!  I hadn't really thought about looking different as one of the things to be expecting, which was silly.
9. New doctor hunting. Arg.  I liked my old doctor... *whine* moving is awful!

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