Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to school!

Soon school starts. Arg.  Exciting! Muddle of arg and exciting!

Because of the vacancy in my schedule, I get to take a few bonus electives this semester, so that's exciting.  I'm taking Spanish, a class on addiction with some long fancy title, and a class on how to study better (that's part of my rehabilitating myself after failing the class in the spring).

My major projects before school starts are:
1. Excavating my desk from the general moving debris. Although in 2 years of pharmacy school I've yet to really study more than a few hours here, I will at least have it accessible and useable for studying this time.  Really. I mean it.
2. Research article draft writing (oh my, so much writing).  This is big and going slowly because I'm not spending all that much time home or upright of late.  This will change and quickly.
3. Mowing the lawn with the fancy reel lawn mower (that means it doesn't have an engine).  Since the lawn is dinky, this should be no trouble.
4. Watch and consider chasing the kid while she rides her bike.  It has training wheels and apparently has been a favorite in my absence.  Perhaps I can start taking her out on the bike while I walk, maybe even with the spouse.
5. Go to the gym where we just bought a membership and spend some time exercising or attending a class.  Possibilities include yoga or loafing in the pool (if my suit fits since I refuse to buy a maternity swimsuit since it will be winter in about 5 minutes).

Pool aside: I was wandering around the internet and saw someone's discussion of how "drowning doesn't look like drowning" and it's totally true.  In movies, you see the drowning person making lots of noise or flailing a bunch, but in real life when you are about to drown, you suddenly get quiet because you can't do anything but try really hard not to drown by whatever means possible (speaking as someone who nearly drowned in water only a few inches deeper than I was tall).

Additional pool aside: the kid is going to take swimming lessons starting sometime soon at the gym.  MY BABY IS ALL GROWN UP!  I really love this article from one of my very favorite bloggers Katie Granju at MamaPundit about when you realize that every last trace of baby is gone and you have a kid now.  I think I'd been grasping at any bits of maybe baby left in the kid (like sleeping in what was her crib-turned-toddler-bed until very recently) until just lately, and I'm realizing that I was wrong. That baby is all used up...  Hopefully the replacement baby keeps humming along well and we can enjoy baby soon enough.

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