Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Aside from my stroller obsession, I'm really obsessed about deciding things RIGHT NOW.  I may, for example, after my next doctor's visit next week, start looking for childcare and running the numbers to see what kind of childcare is most affordable.  I'm pretty sure where the kid goes to preschool/daycare won't have an infant opening until at least this time next year, so that's out.

Other things I've demanded we decide on right now: cloth diapers (assuming we can get the childcare to also do cloth), probably just one carseat rather than a baby bucket and another carseat (and I love the Evenflo Symphony so that's a no-decision decision), and no co-sleeping (although we'll probably do a mini-crib in our room again since that seemed to work out all right before).  Also we probably do need a double stroller and since the kid is still fairly string-bean shaped, she's under the weight limit for most doubles.

We've discussed nursing again, and the spouse is all for it.  I am not, but I decided not to push too much yet.  I wasn't a big fan of nursing, it hurt like crazy for the first two months, and I felt like a milk bar and pillow rather than a parent for about 6 months.  Yes, yes, I know.  It will be easier to pump since I can be at home (probably) and pump while watching lectures.  Nursing is best, blah blah blah.  No late night bottle fumbling, no trying to get it just the right temperature, all that jazz.  While we did successfully nurse with formula only once that first day in the hospital for a total of 13 months, I'm not convinced I want to do it again.  It might be easier this time, I assume it would be, but I really hated having to be the one up in the middle of the night AGAIN with a howling baby.  I suppose I'm having colic flashbacks and I'm imagining that formula might fix the colic that probably resulted from my diet including cow's milk (which we discovered the kid was allergic to once she got to trying it on her own at about 7 months old).  BUT what if kid 2 is also allergic to cow's milk?  Then the formula costs a zillion dollars and contains all sorts of weirdness.

I suppose that in the interest of sleep, nursing is the way to go.  The kitchen is downstairs and I can't imagine it will be safe for us to be going up and down the stairs at night while sleep deprived. 

Thoughts?  Have I mentioned my hatred of indecision? That's why I'm trying to get all this deciding out of the way before too long so I don't have to second guess myself again.

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  1. I wonder if the Kid's latch wasn't great those first couple of months? I'm not an LC or anything, but everything I've read (and experienced) was that if it's painful for that long, something isn't quite right in the latch. was a HUGELY informative website that I read constantly in the beginning of our BFing journey. Maybe if it's a more pleasant experience from the get-go you won't feel so ambivalent about the whole idea?