Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I think I'll move to Australia

Have you read the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? Here's the link to it at amazon.
It's a great book. I once had a summer job at a day camp where I read it daily for a month. Alexander's solution to everything going wrong is to move to Australia.

Yesterday was one of those days around here. Little Monster & I have a cold so sleep is a rare thing. Yesterday she slept about 3 hours less than average.

We started off the day with me waking up 15 minutes before the spouse is supposed to be at work, needing to have the car. We left the girls sleeping at home for the 10 minutes it took for me to drive round trip. During the car ride my calendar binged to remind me of the Kid's 5 year old well child visit. Except it appeared on the calendar at one time and had another time in the title.

So I suggest the spouse call the clinic to confirm the time. "I forgot it, but I'm sure it's in the afternoon." And I trusted that and didn't call myself to check.

Then I get the kid up an ready for daycare, with some time out for feeding the now-awake baby. We get to daycare and the baby bucket seat is stuck in the car. After a five minute wrestling match I leave the car running and take the kid in.

Carseat is still stuck when we get home so I just take Little Monster out and carry her in, through the subzero windchill. With a soggy face.

An hour before the appointment LM finally takes a nap after her fussiest 4 hours yet. So much shrieking. Of course five minutes before we need to leave to get the Kid she wakes up hungry. Eventually we get ready, with temporary bundling for LM so she is warm enough outdoors. We pick up the kid 15 minutes later than planned.

We arrived at the clinic in time to find a parking spot, rebundled the baby, and hiked a block to and then through the clinic. I dropped the kid off at the fish tank in the waiting room and went to check in. After 10 minutes I got a secretary. The appointment was actually at about the time I dropped the kid at daycare. Ugh.

We watched the fish for another few minutes while I attempted to email the spouse that we were en route for picking hir up. There's free wifi so I figured no problem. Wrong. We tested 5 places throughout the clinic and no working wifi. So I decided to go to the library. As soon as we get to the door, the kid is SO THIRSTY. We then walk a block back to the nearest drinking fountain. Five minute drink later, she is dripping wet. Awesome. Now I have 2 damp children to take out into the ten+ below weather.

We bundle up and return to the car and when we get to the library I realize my iPod isn't actually sending emails. So we drive home and I try emailing again. Get to the spouse's workplace and see the email didn't send. Go home again and use computer to email. Pick up the spouse after a 45 minute delay just in time for swimming lessons for the kid! Go home again to get the suit and baby carrier.

An then we ate out (ugh) and went to a meeting because we clearly hadn't been gone enough for one day.

I'm just glad it will never be that Tuesday again. The fussy baby continues but it's much easier to manage at home.


  1. Oh geez, WHAT. A. DAY. Think that's about all there is to say about THAT! Hope you and LM are feeling better soon!

  2. You poor things! Hoping it gets better!