Sunday, March 31, 2013


My world right now is small - care for baby, kid, self & spouse, the cat; survive school; wonder how many people live next door (maybe 5 adults of both genders but not in any couples?); busting the escaping cat attempting to smote the neighbors' tiny fluffy dog. I am all right with this world-shrinking for now. So to have anything exciting going on is huge for me.

The big exciting thing is that Drug Monkey's new book is now out! A physical copy of it will be arriving soon! Yay! His first book was amazing and I laughed through most of it, a good chunk during lunch breaks at the good old pharmacy. Laughed so hard I cried over my sunbutter sandwich while trying to hide from customers.

Then there's my reason for staying in pharmacy school every time I want to quit. This post. Some day, I get to be the good guy, the person who saves the day for a sick person. It is worth it because of the good I can contribute to the world.

So read that first book if you are interested in what life is like in a pharmacy, and the new one if the drug companies make you mad.

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  1. I went and read Drug Monkey's post on "why your prescription takes so long to fill" and just about died laughing. AWESOME.