Thursday, March 14, 2013

A whole month?

At least I can be consoled that February is a short month, so I haven't missed quite so much in this intervening space. Time is flying and I don't quite know what to make of it. I have a terrible case of pharmacy school and new parent brain. It feels like I'm fighting a sieve trying to keep in enough water to stay afloat. My poor grades...

Little Miss Monster is now a month old (give or take a bit) and she's doing well. Her cheeks are extra chubby, she tries to stand up when lifted (almost succeeding), and she attempts to kiss the spouse by chucking her whole head forward when encouraged (sometimes just by the kissing noise). A favorite game is Vampire Baby, where her kicking in grumpiness is used to launch herself off the spouse's arm toward the spouse's neck where she attempts to nurse (give a hickey). Her next check-up is in a couple of weeks to get her next round of vaccinations.

The Kid is now 5 and taking it very seriously. Being 5 takes away the last impediment from her being a Big Kid at preschool and she is thrilled about it. She starts getting her allowance soon for doing jobs around the house. Each of her jobs is worth a nickel and she has a savings fund (well, jar) for college, one for donating to a charity of her choice, and one for saving toward something fun. We're hopeful that this gives her extra incentive to get her jobs done.  They're little, age-appropriate jobs like taking her dishes after a meal to the kitchen and picking up her toys before bed. Maybe feeding the cat sometimes. The idea is that if she's really keen to earn more, she can do a few more jobs but she has a few required ones that she's been doing for months or years.

And I'm really looking forward to summer vacation already. SUMMER! We've had two snow days in the last two weeks and that's plenty to be getting on with for a while. I'm sure it will melt and flood any day now, but for the moment, so much snow.

I'm still noodling about, waiting for enough spare time to get the blog moved to its new home at wordpress. In the intervening who knows how long, the weekly Little Monster posts are there, occasionally with a picture. Feel free to ask for the password (presuming you aren't a robot) and you're welcome to it. I'm reading the blogs I can but commenting from my mobile doodad just goes boom, so I don't get to do that as much as I'd like.

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