Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wishing all the best for Team Zoll #3!

So I tromp around blogs a great deal, and as I've said before, Keiko Zoll writes a really awesome one about infertility over at The Infertility Voice.  I found it some time ago when I was in a place to figure we'd never get pregnant on our own (and hey, look at that surprise fetus hanging around... hmm...) and I'm an avid reader.  Every time I stop over, I really enjoy the banner. "We are what 1 in 8 looks like.  This is what hope can feel like. Where our infertility stories matters."  That's a very comforting thing to consider in the isolation of infertility and loss.  1 in 8 is a whole lot of people.  That is someone you know, probably several someones.

Anyway, my adoration of Keiko's blog aside, this post is a shout out for good thoughts, prayers, all that jazz for Keiko and Larry as they get ready for their donor egg cycle with embryo transfer coming up soon.  Miracles totally happen (kid #2 is clear evidence of that) and I'm over in my quiet bloggy corner here cheering you on.  Yay for Team Zoll #3!  Yay for successful IVF and a lovely, uneventful pregnancy to come!  Thanks for your awesome work for the community, Keiko.  It means a lot to so many of us who don't have many words to say so often enough.

So, all very few of you readers, if you would, keep Keiko, Larry, and their donor in your prayers/thoughts in the days to come that everything goes smoothly and happily and successfully!

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