Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby names!

The kid has a historically popular but now just about unknown name.  I'm very torn as to whether we ought to try to match weirdness levels for Little Monster or go with something that matches thematically (which is to say, the kid's name is a noun and there's a lot of related nouns to choose from).  And does it even matter if we choose a name before meeting Little Monster anyway?  I mean, I guess I'd feel kinda like we're further neglecting Little Monster if we didn't have a carefully thought-out name well in advance.  I think we'd picked the kid's name before we even got married and her male counter-name not long after we were married.  Poor baby doesn't get as much attention as the kid and is still negative 20-some weeks...

In that spirit, girl name suggestions?  Or suggestions of places to look for some?  Or most hated girl name or naming trend?  Or any TV/literary characters with names to be avoided as I kind of live in a pop-culture vacuum?

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  1. Any favorite book characters when you were growing up? Historical figures you admire? Cool family names? I think it's awesome to have a story behind the name.