Monday, September 10, 2012


Today seems to be a day for crying jags.  This is now the third one, and really, for close to zero real cause.  I'm caught up for the most part on school stuff (aside from getting assignments properly into my calendar, which I will get finished tonight), there's still clean laundry and some clean dishes.  I'm interested in food for dinner, which is good.

Doctor visit today with the new doctor was fine and everything looks good.  Yipes!  The very last excuse to all of this hunkering and hiding is resoundingly gone.  The baby alien was visible on the in-office ultrasound, wiggling like crazy.

In the realm of entertaining items, I lost 3 pounds since my last doctor's visit 4 weeks ago.  It's been a weird year, that's for sure.  I have never before done nothing and lost weight, let alone continued to lose weight for more than a month or two, and now we're at 25 total pounds (which is totally not enough to put me back into the realm of healthy, but still. Something is something).  But I still have to do an early glucose test. blech.

I think I'll slink off to get a chocolate malt and cry some more so I've gotten the crying out of the way before the kid gets picked up from preschool.  Oh man.  We have to figure out how to explain to her that pretty close to everything has to/is going to change... sheesh.  At least she'll be skipping excited for several months.

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