Monday, August 15, 2016

Jeggy cat #MicroblogMondays

Last week, Little Monster started requesting to see jeggy cat. I had no idea what that meant at all. She also wants to see my friend across the country's cat by name on the book o' faces so I initially thought Jeggy was a proper name of some mystery cat. The Kid asked to borrow my iDevice and flipped over to open up Sushi and Little Monster eagerly pointed to the very blob-like cat and exclaimed "jeggy cat! See! She jeggles when she eats swooshy." Then I learned she meant jiggly cat. I'm so god she still sometimes mispronounces sushi as "swooshy" because it keeps her little just a little bit longer. She starts preschool in a week or two.


  1. This is sweet! (If I were you, I would pronounce sushi as swooshy For. Ever. :) )

  2. Ha -- I hope that sticks as a family word for the rest of her life every time you go out for sushi.