Monday, August 29, 2016

Banned purchases #MicroblogMondays

My spouse's list: coloring and puzzle books (2 for girls, 2 for adults), tiny sketch pad at tourist trap museum.

Kid list: all new school supplies even though we probably had most things somewhere

All of us: way too much take out and fast food and restaurant food, fan for living/dining room.

Overall I think the "no we aren't buying new things right now" litany works fairly well on the girls and their demands for new things. Since we have a good list of what needs replacing, we don't buy things on impulse just because it's a good deal but if there is a good deal, we are ready to take advantage (see: spouse's new shirt for work). But food is still very stockpiled and not in the buying ban. That is a whole nother blog post!

Planning well for meals continues to be a struggle and I think may be reassigned from my spouse to me so my spouse is solely responsible for laundry and dishes.

How do you handle buying new things? How do you cope when someone else drops the ball and how many chances do they get to pick it up again?

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  1. We are currently in a buying ban. I find that planning out the meals for the week helps save on food costs. For instance, I needed green onions for a recipe this week, but then switched things around to use the green onions in other dishes so I didn't waste them. It's easier to hold off on clothes, books, etc.