Monday, August 8, 2016

All the vitamins #MicroblogMonday

I have now purchased the last prenatal vitamins I will ever own (unless I miraculously get knocked up and stay that way). I figure I won't ever buy any more because, really, who am I kidding? This third child idea is a pipe dream. It is mostly freeing to know I will never buy another rotten vitamin again. Blech I hate vitamins so much. I'm also glad to have an end date to this goofy idea of mostly mine so we won't be in infertility limbo forever. Hopefully next cycle I can get time off work to go have an HS.G but I decided on no more progesterone levels for now (anovulatory last cycle, not so surprising anyway). I can't fathom how I will manage doctor visits if I do get pregnant with the current state of my job and I hate that. The total lack of flexibility and coverage for sick days irks me. It obviously doesn't surprise me at all. Sigh. I decided today that corporate will meet my demands or I will find another job so I'm sprucing up my cv in preparation...


  1. Good luck. I can't imagine heading down this road again... I hope you end up where you want at the end of all this.

  2. What Noemi said. Good luck both with the fertility quest, and the job.

  3. Good luck with everything... It was lovely to be done with the giant horse pill prenatals, although my nails sure did love them. I hope you exit limbo in a favorable way.