Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This is the moving extravaganza that never ends...

In case you were wondering, we are pseudo moved into the new place.  I am at the old place, working at my old pill slinging job while various coworkers take vacations.  Some day I aspire to a vacation, having nearly achieved real health insurance that costs less than $900 a month for a family of 3 (squee!).

My future office is currently filled with boxes to about shoulder height although I hear my desk is somewhere in there, and about 2/3 of the living room is also boxes.  We have a couple pieces of furniture that absolutely don't fit in the new house, which is a struggle.

At the old place, the glasses and a host of other kitchen stuff needs boxing, as does the contents of one bookshelf which has already been moved so the stuff is heaped on the floor.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy more boxes since we haven't unpacked enough to finish packing the rest of the debris.

Today I did a brave thing.  I bought a maternity shirt.  It's one of those very fashionable numbers with scrunched sides and it's very form fitting, but it's also dressy enough for work and I somehow forgot that if I was going to be here for several days, I needed to bring clothes to wear each day, so I'm punting with some new shirts.  Although just last week I was swearing up and down that I could not possibly have baby brain yet, I think I might be showing some symptoms...

I realized today that it's been almost a month since the official pregnancy test, so that means not so many more to go.  This is of course the scary month so I'm working hard not to panic.  So far, so good I suppose.

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