Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finals dreams

It's still finals (9 more days, 1 quiz, 5 exams) and I am having crazy dreams that usually indicate I'm stressed and tired and soforth.

Last night's memorable incidents:

A dream of counseling a patient about taking Plavix that was all in Spanish that moved into discussing an anti-hypertensive drug (maybe losartan) as well.  I don't really speak Spanish (restaurant Spanish only at best) so this is especially great, because the parts of dialogue that I remember were in perfect Spanish (thanks Google!). So weird.  Recently I've been dreaming in German (which I do/did speak well enough to get by, possibly even actually counseling a patient on Plavix) but not yet American Sign Language (very limited vocab but more often I dream in ASL than any other language).

Being lost in the pharmacy looking for a drug that just wasn't on the shelf, probably fludrocortisone or prednisone in a strength that doesn't exist.

Making a dozen vancomycin IV bags.  This is really amazing because today I compounded a vanco oral solution, and that involved doing exactly the first part from the dream (adding water to the powder to rehydrate the vanco).

The usual "oh no I forgot about the exam! I'm late!" dream.

Something about getting my next tattoo, although I missed what the tattoo was going to be.  I'm still on the fence about the next tattoo, when to get it, where to get it, all that jazz.  Currently toying with a pair for the current tattoo on the other leg, upper half sleeve (that would be a long-term tattoo project rather than just the next tattoo), or something else. 

Clearly tattoos are like potato chips and you can never have just one... although it's taken me 9 years to get to where I'm really serious about this next one actually happening soon.

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