Monday, May 21, 2012


At present I am enjoying my very short summer break.  I start interning in a hospital shortly and am scared to death about it, and I'm really excited, and mostly I'm trying not to fret.

During my mini-summer break I have done the following: loafed around, watched some Warehouse 13 episodes, been excited about going to Utah in about a month and made some vague plans for the trip, snacked excessively rather than cooked a proper meal, and I've caught up on reading blogs.  I also had coffee with a friend this morning WHICH WAS AMAZING.  Coffee! Friend! Catching up!

This past weekend the spouse and I celebrated 7 years of whatever we call marriage, which is pretty amazing.  It's been a doozy of a relationship experience for the both of us and I like to think we're both better for it.  At the very least we had a relaxing celebratory weekend with dinner and a movie Saturday (Avengers in 3D probably not worth the extra cost) and dinner at the restaurant we went to before the wedding and a movie on our couch Sunday.

Being married is a strange thing and I often wonder what possessed us to go through with it.  And then I remember my grandmother who was SO EXCITED to see one of her grandchildren get married, and I realize that even if being married and official and in front of G-d and this congregation and all that jazz changed nothing about our relationship, it made her so happy that it was worth it.  My other grandmother was pretty excited about it too, although she passed away before we actually got married, but I did enjoy how excited she was that last time we visited (and went to dinner to celebrate my grandparents' 59th anniversary).

What are you doing with your upcoming summer? Any awesome vacation plans? Boring vacation plans?

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