Monday, April 30, 2012

On Worry

It's finals (final 2 of 7 today), worrying is to some degree needed to survive.  Then of course there's life to induce worry.  Oh life.

I get that I need to live in today and quit worrying about it all.  I know and understand it totally on an intellectual level.  Then there's the gut reaction when you get possibly worrying news and that's out of my hands, that knee-jerk bit.

The trick is not letting my knee-jerk get me into walking somewhere I don't want to tread.  Today is all there is and when tomorrow gets here, we face it.

My faith teaches me that there's a plan for this life (the good stuff) and that if you screw up once, you might get a second chance, or maybe a third, but there's no way to know if this is the last chance.  This inspires me personally to use my life do-over to good effect.  My faith also teaches me that the bad stuff is done by us and it isn't in the plan.  We do bad stuff despite the Higher Power I understand to be running the show (maybe directing is a better way to put it).

So if this is the plan, Higher Power, keep me strong and sane and whole and ready to face whatever happens next.

and as an aside, why must the best place to use a computer at the library be behind the newspaper rack so I have to listen to all the crinkling? I do enjoy that it isn't shouting little kids but SHEESH!  Is it necessary to loudly move every single newspaper in the place?


It is clear I am in a pseudo-funk and that's life.  I'll move on soon and get back to embracing opportunities rather than hunkering in self-pity.  Maybe in about 10 minutes.

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