Sunday, June 5, 2016

Miracles and disappointment #MicroblogMonday

Awesome news: Remember last summer when I was dizzy and had all that physical therapy? I went from "can't really walk" to human in 6 weeks after being dropped just so. About ten years ago I bought a bike, a really nice one, hoping to embrace the biking my spouse loves so. I quickly discovered that my balance on the thing was awful and I kept crashing. After maybe twice with nearly broken bones, I parked the thing and ignored it. Last fall I thought it might be time to see if my newly better balance would improve my bike riding so I asked my spouse to take it in for a tune up. 4 weeks ago I insisted we order a bike rack and haul both bikes in to be tuned up, 2.5 weeks ago they actually went in, and yesterday we picked them up. I tested out my bike riding the block to the car and had ZERO balance problems. Victory! 

Less awesome news: We didn't have the chance to have the Kid's birthday party near the actual day because of spring break and health shenanigans, so we rescheduled it. After a few weeks of debating inviting a few versus her entire class and all 4 neighborhood friends who aren't classmates, we went whole hog and invited everyone. An elaborate Mars cake was constructed for the Ready Go party, games planned, house prepared. Nobody came. The Kid invited her stuffed animals and they played musical chairs in the living room. Nobody cried during the party but it was close for three of us. Her friend whose party was the same day but an hour earlier gave her a present though. I didn't think it was possible for me to feel worse than I had before about uprooting the Kid for my career and I was wrong.


  1. Riding a bike is fun. This fun I experienced while I was in school. Congrats for the feeling of victory. I am sorry for the birthday party but atleast the stuffed animals had a nice time playing the musical chairs. I hope the birthday party next year turns out to be awesome.

  2. Oh,no? That must have felt dreadful. Didn't the parents RSVP? Kids have a way of getting over things faster than grownups and I hope that was the case.

  3. Oh the birthday party story had me tearing up! How dreadful! Did people RSVP and then not show? No matter how it happened, it must have been really rough. I'm so sorry you all went through that.

    I'm stoked you can ride your bike again! Yay! I love bikes. I've been meaning to write a little something about a new bike we got on my blog. ;)

  4. My heart stopped reading the second part. That is awful to do for a kid's party. I'm glad she was able to redeem it with stuffed animals, but I really wish her friends could have shown up.

  5. Oh, I'm so so sorry about the party. I can't believe people don't RSVP or just don't show up.

    Good for you on the bike. I live in a hilly city, and so biking doesn't appeal at all. I am glad you can do it though.