Monday, May 23, 2016

The wild #MicroblogMondays

I scheduled a repeat pregnancy loss visit with a new OB/gyn last week. We decided to see what happens and if a next pregnancy happens, then that's super (if not, then in a year we get used to this family size). Little Monster is sassy and bosses the kid around and it's strange and they are both huge. Our cat bruised hir spinal column and had a few weeks of intermittent inability to use back legs on purpose, but now it seems to be all better.

I kind of want everything to change and nothing all at once. The changes are abrupt and incremental all at once. I never imagined there would be a time like this, where there might be a third child and where our cat is slowing down and getting to "senior cat" life. It has been years of talking about child three and debating and then suddenly, the shift happened and we decided to see where life takes us and that RPL testing we haven't done but probably ought to is a reality.

Life is startling when what was immobile and unchanging is suddenly (but not so suddenly after all) new. Things here remain quite wild and yet I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.


  1. Wow! Big steps moving forward. I hope child #3 is in waiting just around the corner!

  2. The most perfect line ever: "I kind of want everything to change and nothing all at once."

  3. I love your last line too. That's what is most important.