Friday, August 2, 2013

Project dream catcher: redefined

So I set myself a pretty big primary goal of running this 5k tomorrow. 

An then I didn't much talk about it again because things went so far from the plan it was amazing. I had these nice steps and a good plan and it just didn't work out. 

In the beginning I thought I might have average fitness, where a little jogging wouldn't be a big deal. I figured I would hurt but it would be all right in a day or two. As it turned out, I was vastly overestimating the shape I was in. During my first work out, my leg went numb after about ten minutes and took over an hour to come back. The circulation seemed to be lower than normal too. So I decided I needed a new goal, one I could reach. Since my family decided to come walk in the 5k anyway, it was an easy choice to train instead to walk the 5k. I am improving a lot and the numbness is decreasing so that's good. It could be that we are walking outside where there's no AC and fans to cause trouble. It could just be that my body is more used to moving and walking long distances. 

This week I got convinced to start going to water aerobics 3 days a week so we are doing that too. Even though I can't swim it's a good work out and isn't irritating anything like walking/running does. 

So I'm really excited about this 5k tomorrow. We didn't do any fundraising but I'm happy enough just to participate. Monday I will look at the calendar and plan the next 5k for about 3 months from now with the goal of actually running in that one. Baby steps seem insignificant but they are progress and every step forward is something. 

I'm really glad to have had the encouragement to pursue such a big goal and although it got scaled back, the dream is caught and I am going to get there. In time. That marathon after graduation is inching closer and I want to be ready in just shy of 2 years to finish what I've got a good start on already. 

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  1. This sounds great. I have long since lost any desire to run a 5K, let alone a marathon (which I once did) because of the collateral damage, but walking is awesome and water aerobics even better!