Thursday, August 8, 2013


So I have mentioned my goal of getting into shape. I have probably mentioned that for me, the scale isn't the goal. I'm setting "doing things" goals to stave off scale obsessions. So far, that means being comfortable walking a 5K without dying or being in agony. It's a huge accomplishment for me even though I'm sure it's small potatoes for city people and athlete types. 

Today was my first non-scale and non-athletic victory. I fit into a beloved clothing item again! It's just a sweater type deal but it fits properly again! Squee! It's also a really good thing it fits as currently the spouse and I are experiencing seasonal imbalance  issues where I am cold and zie is overheating, cranking up the fan or AC or both. I've concluded the only thing to do is to move somewhere very cold so I can wear fabulous sweaters all the time and the spouse can keep wearing shorts but never again need an accursed fan. Or at least that will work until either the glaciers all melt or new ones form en masse, which I'm hopeful will take a few years. 

Baby steps! Tiny victory! Now I had better get back to reviewing everything I've ever learned for this semester's ├╝ber class, reading 2 books and 10 articles for the first class of the semester, and that new exercise regimen. Plus feeding Little Monster solid food twice a day and helping her practice scooting and sitting up, and preventing cat attacks on the girls. 


  1. Way to go! It's such a great feeling when a favorite piece of clothing fits well again.

  2. Congrats! Fitting into a favorite piece of clothing is such a morale boost.

  3. Atta go on the feeling good goals! I cannot believe little monster is eating solids. HFS!