Sunday, May 12, 2013

In which there are bullet points

It's mothers day today. I will always feel weird about it I think. It is hard. Our faith community had a white rose up front in honor of those who need healing around mothers day, which I liked. That's so simple. Healing for those hurt by mothers, healing for those with angel babies, healing for those waiting on babies for far too long. Just healing.

It's very surreal to me that there's only one more mothers day I'll spend studying for finals, and one I'll take the day off studying for boards to hang out with the girls. After oh man way too many years in college, I am really looking forward to being done. Sometimes I ponder getting another degree (MBA or MPH) but I have decided that I'd only get board certified in something instead of paying tuition for more letters to go after my name.

I think we (Little Monster and me) may finally be nearing the end of the cold of perpetual hacking. We're both down to 3-5 coughing fits a day (from too many to count last week).

I'm planting my veggies outside tomorrow. It is time. I can pretend it's spring enough for green beans to go outdoors.

It is a struggle to study. I don't wanna. I need a nap.

Cancer sucks. With one classmate dead and one dying of it, it's just rotten and keeps reminding me that there's no safety in youth. When I worked in the pharmacy, we had a pediatric cancer patient. He'd been getting treatments for about 2 years when I met him. It just breaks your heart.

I ran across the story of Emily Jerry not too long ago. She was a pediatric cancer patient whose chemo worked, worked really well, miraculously well. Her doctors decided to give her one last cycle of chemo to be sure they got it all, and a pharmacy technician made her chemo IV terribly wrong and the pharmacist didn't catch the error. It was a fatal error and Emily died. It reminds me that we need systems in place that help us catch our mistakes. It reminds me that we shouldn't do things to people like let them work a double shift, sleep for 8 hours (or less) and then be back at work. 36 hour shifts in hospitals are dangerous and we need to stop doing things like that. As patients we need to demand better care and as providers we need to demand better working conditions.

Little Monster is getting huge. HUGE baby. Having previously had a petite baby, it is very strange to have such a larger baby. She is now just about 3 months old and moving into 6 month sized clothes, some of which are already too small. She's going to be out of sync with the Kid's wardrobe really fast since she's running through clothes so fast.

I'll have a post soon on cloth diapers since I need some help. Miss Giant Baby is outgrowing her covers and I have to decide about one size versus more prefolds.

I think we've tentatively decided that we will stay put until I'm done with school and that if the spouse doesn't have a job after this contract ends, either it's back to school (in the plan but not until I had a job post-PharmD) or just home to care for the girls for the year so we aren't spending a fortune on childcare. It's mostly good to have a plan, if you ask me.

Tomorrow we start daycare for Little Monster full time, which is good. Mostly good. Probably good. I need to study for finals (well, the one final) and she helps the Kid out enormously status-wise at daycare. Babies are the coolest thing ever according to the rest of the daycare kids, but only the Kid gets to feed her bottles (probably just for now, maybe forever) and help with her and tickle her under the chin. It will still be hard. I will cry more.

I'm very pleased with myself for getting plastic boxes to store frozen milk in the giant chest freezer. The lids to the boxes don't fit, but it doesn't really matter either. I just about gave myself frost bite moving everything from random cardboard boxes into the plastic ones. Only 50 bags of milk to go before I've hit my storage goal for the week I'll be out of town in the fall! I enjoy organizing things just a little bit too much.

The highlight of this mothers day weekend was a trip to the ER after the spouse whacked off a piece of finger while grating cheese. I was out shopping and arrived home to "I thought you were never going to get here, so I went ahead and finished making lunch but it's still in the oven. See? I cut my finger and I think I need to go to the ER. But not until after lunch." Then I saw the blood. Lots of blood all over the place. So after a short trip to the ER (somehow when you're about to drip blood through your second plastic bandage, you get moved to the front of the line), the spouse has a We're Number One! bandage and orders to not change any diapers (or do any other dirty things) for a few days without gloves. Somehow we made it home with no gloves... hmm. Then we got ice cream and everyone was pretty happy. Little Monster wore a 12 month sized dress all day that I put her in just for fun and intending to take it off within the hour because I was sure it would be huge. It wasn't. It was only a little bit too big. HUGE baby!

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