Friday, May 24, 2013

Diaper shenanigans

So here's the part where I ask for some help.

We are using cloth diapers, prefolds with plastic covers. This is a cheapskate way to go for us because we had (some) left over so didn't need to buy new stuff. It worked well with the kid because she was a petite kid who grew slowly and that's cool. However, Little Monster is not a petite baby. Thunder thighs on this one (sooooo cute).

Currently we have been using small diapers (and we own some large ones) with Thirsties size 1 covers and some Bummis small covers (both velcro), with one snaps Sweet Pea cover that's supposed to fit up to 35 lbs that is kinda flimsy so I don't think I'm likely to buy more. We are at the largest setting of snaps on the Thirsties and it's about time to start buying some larger covers so we are ready for when she has outgrown these entirely. Width wise, there's some room yet but I think we'll run out of length first in both types. We have 10 covers and 3 dozen or so diapers in circulation, which is about right to do laundry every other day (diapers one day and covers the next).

So here's the question: do we go with the Thirsties since they are coming a bit cleaner than the Bummis, or do we try some universal covers, or some fancy non-prefold diapers? What do you love about whatever kind of cloth diapers you're using and why? If you have fitted or pocket diapers, how many and how are they holding up/fitting on your big kid who's over a year old (if you have one)?


  1. We use bum genius pocket diapers. My 2+ year old still wears the ones we've used since she was 6 weeks old at naptime. I've bought some Kawaii pocket diapers for our newborn. We use their goodnight heavy wetters for our toddler at night. We love, love, love them. I can't speak for the regular pocket diapers since we haven't started using them yet, but we've used the GNHW for just about a year and they're still in great shape.

  2. 1) Had the bummis covers, they wicked all over everything through the foldover elastic. Did use them on a bigger kid, but didn't like them. We have Flip covers now on the 19 month old (they look a lot like the Duo ones), and they're fine. We also have enough covers and diapers that I don't have to wash them more than twice a week (sometimes once).

    2) If you're interested in trying out some pocket/ AIO/ whatever other kinds, I belong to a couple diaper co-ops that run cheap ones regularly. They're FB groups - Baby Bum Wrap, Honest Co-ops, and Little Miss.

  3. my fave all in ones are Tots bots easy fits, I seriously love them. They fit my big boy up til 2 basically and 35 pounds.

    I have a thirsties cover but my favorite covers are probably blueberry. they run a bit bigger than other brands and I love the gussets on the legs. Also, I adore fitteds for overnight with a cover. Tots bots bamboozle fitteds.