Sunday, January 27, 2013


I'm super duper sick. Still.  It's been a week of occasional fevers and mostly hacking and feeling awful.  I had no idea my face could be this puffy (and seeing myself clearly was a mistake. No more peeking.).

On the upside, the new OB in the practice is great.  Yay!  It's pretty exciting, I think.  It's a shame she didn't start sooner. During my check-up, she did the quick "and what general thing is wrong with you?" questioning, and I got a lovely decongestant that makes my heart race so I'm taking it sparingly and an antibiotic for the clearly bacterial part of this illness (let's just not mention it specifically as it's gross).

I suspect that I've gotten the flu, based on the minor illnesses of the spouse and kid (they were both sick for 2-4 days, maybe 24 hours of a fever) and me being very sick.  Yes, that's right.  Get yer flu shot, because 2 of 3 people here had them and were very minimally sick... and me, since I got 3 hives after my last flu shot, I didn't get one this year.  I'm pretty excited about the egg-free vaccine that's coming out soon, probably in time for the fall flu shot season.  Now flu shots for very nearly everyone!

One of the highlights of being sick has been dreaming of the desert.  I've been up every couple of hours, sleeping about 10 hours a day total but with good sized gaps.  How on earth my shivering, drenched self winds up dreaming of Arizona and cacti and sand twisters I have no idea.  At least it's consistent. 

Lab this week was about dehydration and fluid overload, so maybe that's contributing to the lovely painted desert dreams.  Thrilling experience, finding a corner to sit with my box of tissue, pile of snacks, and 3 drinks for... I'm actually not sure how long lab is. Very long with no breaks.

The spouse is convinced it's because I'm pondering with much more seriousness Indian Health Service and the cool locations I've heard about are in the desert out west.  Also possible.  I'm not sure though if I could live in a place where it never snows, if I could live with myself raising Little Monster in a place with no skiing or sledding or snow days (because if we do this, we'd move in the summer of 2015 and I imagine Little Monster wouldn't remember snow at all).

We got our first new computer since we got married on Friday, and it's a desktop.  We realized that the kid had no concept of a desktop, since we've just had laptops (for work or school) since she's been around.  She will need her own chair for it pretty soon with the amount she wants to use it or "help" with using it.  Note to self: establish computer limits now that there's a computer cool enough for the kid to want to use it.  I would have thought that with the cool new TV (can you tell we don't expect to buy a new thing again after Little Monster gets here and are stocking up now) the kid would be watching movies on that, but noooo... movies on new computer!

I think it's time for another foray into the desert.  Maybe there will be Gila monsters this time.

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  1. Uhg, sorry you're sick! I'm very glad we all got the flu shot this year. Hope you feel better soon!