Saturday, January 5, 2013

A moment of grumpiness

In November, the clinic handed me a whole slew of "and now you're going to have a baby, here's stuff you should know" papers.  It included one about what newborn screening is, circumcision options and how much it costs, and a two-page deal on the prenatal education classes (maybe other stuff about carseats?).  I looked at the dates, saw that 1. they don't want you until 6 months along and 2. the last one of the year was the next day, so I requested the 2013 calendar of classes.  There wasn't one yet.  I ask again in early December and "no dates for sure yet."

They offer the class 6 times a year, half of those set up to be a long Saturday and a Friday night and half meeting 4 times for a few hours, but no classes for non-first time parents so no childcare available and no shorter version (breathing techniques can bite me, for example, and I have no desire to watch a video about labor ever again).

I was just realizing that we still hadn't gotten any dates since my last OB visit was almost 4 weeks ago, so I went and looked at the website today.  The January class starts next Monday!  Thanks for the advance notice of that!  And there's no class in February, so we will suffer and go to the 4 meeting class because I really want to be familiar with L&D ahead of time.  With a March due date, no class in December or February, that gives us a single class option to be in their 6+ months window. This happens to plenty of people, but it frustrates me doubly because the annual schedule wasn't done by the first of December.  Ugh.

UGH.  Big downside to living in the boonies with a single area hospital.


  1. I ran in to something similar with our hospital. I ended up going to a class earlier than suggested because I got tired of getting the run-around when I asked about 2013 dates. At least I got a useful $5 book out of it, that I can use for a refresher in another month or so.

    I hope you have fun, anyway! Also, thanks for the Danielle Elwood suggestion!

  2. Ugh, that is frustrating. I'm glad you can go though and I hope it's helpful.