Thursday, October 11, 2012


Yep, I was nervous for nothing at all, it was all totally fine.  Little Monster is apparently going to be tall like hir big sister, also hates staying still while being scanned so it took a long stinking time, and refuses to be identified as a she or a he (that's what that "hir" pronoun is for, for gender neutral individuals rather than gender-neutral things that get an "it").

My glucose test was also totally fine, as was my fasting glucose, and let me tell you that was no fun at all.  No food or drinks after midnight until a blood draw and then glucose sludge swig at 8am.  Arg.  Then I studied for some test or other for an hour, got another blood draw, and then went to get coffee (a decaf with a shot of vanilla, cream, AND more sugar thank you very much).  Bad news is that I have to repeat the test at the normal end of 2nd/start of 3rd trimester mark (blech).  At least they had clear, very cold, lemon-lime slime to drink rather than the horrid orange stuff (that was WARM the last time I took this test. eeeeeew).

What else is there to say, except fall break is the greatest invention EVER?

I have an awful cold or something and it's hard to function, so I took yesterday off from school (#noclassesWednesday) and watched romantic comedies and read a book.  It was lovely.  Next week is a short trip for a conference with classmates and I'm excited AND we're staying by a frozen yogurt bar restaurant (is that what those are called, where there's 6 kinds of frozen yogurt and about 30 toppings and you mix and match to your heart's content?), so I know what's for dessert all three days we're there...

I also have been thinking a lot about sex and gender and marriage and stuff, so that post will arrive soon.  I've also been thinking about the weird "clinical" versus "community" divide in pharmacy, so we'll get there too.

In the meantime, I really adored this discussion of keeping moms in the picture with their kids.  Although as part of this anonymity deal, there won't be any face pictures of me and the kid, maybe we could work in some no-face, we're both wearing clothes from Target shots (hint: this would be most of the time since we are incredibly boring and shop at Target out of convenience and being broke).  Because it's important to be visible parts of our kids' lives as moms and it's easy to step out and hide and pretend like we don't need to be in the pictorial record of our families.  There's even a great discussion and other folks' posts over here at the PAIL bloggers website!


  1. "hir" - That's awesome. I've never known that before!

    Glad you liked the PAIL discussion. I keep meaning to read through your archives from beginning to end, b/c I love everything I've read so far!

    1. Aw shucks, thanks! I've been enjoying your blog too, by the way. And it's a pretty short archive, because I'm still all new at this and stuff.

  2. Anonymity is hard. I've mostly given up, and a lot of my readers know who I am. I've decided my priority is making sure my blog can't be found by people who know me IRL. Good for you for sticking to your resolve to be anonymous.

    1. P.S. I also love "hir." And you haven't been showing up in my reader lately. Weird.