Monday, March 26, 2012

Momming + ugly semester = I miss my kiddo

I think I might call this semester a fiasco.  What with the miscarriage at the end of last semester making moping necessary (well, grieving really), then the health fiasco that started in the end of January and meant a week out of school in February, then working more than I should really, it is overall a bit of a fiasco.  I don't really have a sense as to whether I'll make it through the semester passing everything.  I've decided not to get overly fussed about it and to do my best.

However, my best requires about 10-14 hours every day, which means I see very little of my family.  The kid has a nasty cold, as do I, and I wish I had a few more hours to sleep every day.  It's a struggle. I keep absconding to study elsewhere and studying not nearly enough because I'm at work too much or trying to figure out some way to cope with everything or doing whatever other glorp I get up to.  Writing this blog as a way to cope!  Letting the cats in and out of the house every ten minutes!

It's hard. I don't like trying to balance like this for any length of time and it's been way too long.  Knowing that there's only 5 or 6 weeks left of school is either exciting or terrifying or both. And now, back to the slog. I have imaginary patients to try not to kill on "paper" and sleeping to be getting around to sooner than later.  For now I'll have to listen to the kid requesting that I go with her to the zoo to see something, and tell her that eventually I'll get there with her, but maybe not the next time she goes.  Hopefully we get to the zoo this summer and have time to go enjoy it all as much as she wants.

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