Friday, March 2, 2012

On anonymity

You may have noticed I choose to be anonymous.  But why?  Well, I'm a student and I don't want to get in trouble.  I don't want my kid or someday kids to have people google them and see naked baby pictures or stories about how lame they were (or ADORABLE! but they won't think so as angry teens).  I don't think it's my place to grandstand.

Then there's the professionalism.  I take this gig seriously.  Does this mean I don't curse? Of course not. Does this mean I don't go hide and giggle sometimes, or curse quietly at the cranky patient who just cussed me out for 5 minutes because it took 16 minutes to get their prescription filled? Of course not.  But this is not the place for that, in my estimation.  You'll see I added my favorite pharmacist blogs to the sidebar.  They are also anonymous, but very crass.  Also absolutely hysterical to me.  But I am of the opinion that there's funny content like that out there, so you don't need me to be a comedian. 

I deny all accusations that I'm funny.  Any humor in what I say is the result of me being me, a plain spoken, pseudo-professional person.  I know lots of words as a side-effect of having a BA in English (they make you read lots of books to get those, books have words, ergo, know lots of words).  If you keep reading stuff here, and if I keep writing stuff here, it's likely I'll talk about a patient eventually.  But I'm de-identifying myself to add an extra layer of de-identifying my patients.  They deserve that.

When I get to work I wash my hands.  Why?  Because I figure that if I screw up everything else, I owe my patients at least that much.  So I also owe my patients the double-blind of y'all the wide internet not knowing who I am (ok, so the 2 of you who read this are friends, but you see what I'm saying here? The text says things when I'm not watching, the internet is a big place, all that jazz) and where I am.  That way there's extra safety for patients who might get mentioned in passing.

So sorry, no pictures of the kiddo. Maybe pictures of her Lego creations, but no people pictures. No names. No locations (although from the snow the other day, you know I live where it snows 14 inches overnight).

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