Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sneaky toddler

You know how every now and then, a story hits the news about a 2 year old found at 7am a couple blocks from home? Everyone gets so judgy about how awful the parents are for letting the kid escape.

We have to lock the doors at night now that Little Monster has her crib changed to a toddler bed. After she started climbing out a week ago we figured we had no choice but to convert it. Three days ago she was crying in the morning because she got into the kitchen, shut the gate (or scaled it and couldn't get back), and was trapped. Last night I didn't think to lock the back door...

This morning the Kid came in to report she had convinced Little Monster to come back in from outside. They both arrived 5 minutes later (with Fluffinella, whew!) and Little Monster's hands were icy. She was in the fenced-in yard for some time. 

Oh my.


  1. Oh man, this scares the shit out of me b/c it could totally be my kids. Gah! Darn kids.

  2. Wow, that could totally happen at my house. My daughter wasn't an "adventurer" and I got used to being able to just let her be without having to worry about what she might get into. My son is the exact opposite and it's taking me a LONG time to really understand that I can't leave him alone, even for a minute. He will do the thing I haven't even anticipated he might do. And he'll do it fast.