Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Things are about to be wildly different around here. I didn't match to a residency but the interview process was super revealing to me. I am very different than I remember myself being and largely in a very positive direction. I handle stress in a generally positive way day-to-day. I have systems and checks to ensure I get the job done. I can creatively solve any problem. Nothing shocks me or throws me off my game anymore. That's neat.

I've accepted a job that's a two-day drive away in a fantastic location to practice. It's super rural and quiet and beautiful and has all the rural problems that are unexpected - high teen pregnancy rate, lots of substance abuse, drunk driving and traffic fatalities are very high. The downside I see is a lack of diversity but that isn't the end of the world. I suspect that the nature of the job being so rural will mean few to no amusing anecdotes about work, so I expect there will be more cute kid anecdotes in the future.

In the process of accepting this job, I decided to turn down an offer to practice in the second best place (in my view) to launch my career. It was a bit wrenching because it would have meant we could have stayed here and the salary was maybe 15-20% higher, plus half salary until I got licensed. Instead we decided that the perfect job was too great a chance to pass up.

I'm stuffing my brain for board exams coming up in the next few weeks. Chasing down the last bits of paperwork to be eligible for licensure is exhausting. I can now tell you entirely too much about the right forms to use when ordering different kinds of medications. Hopefully it's enough. Happy thoughts for the G_d of Partial Credit to smile on me appreciated. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_qcimweZYF8

I wish there were a way to make transitions easier for the kid, but I know she needs to learn to cope. We can provide coping techniques but she has to use them herself. Tonight was her first big crying jag about moving and school ending and everything. I hope it won't be a nightly thing but I likewise wouldn't be surprised if it were.

Little Monster is a very sassy two year old but is so much better at directions and listening than the kid. It's funny to watch them together where the kid suddenly realizes she should also follow directions when she sees Little Monster in action (especially putting away dishes after a meal, when Little Monster will carry hers halfway to the kitchen,turn around, and say "come on sisser!"). Little Monster has discovered that talking can be at a different volume and is using either shouting or whispering/squeaking at all times. Often she starts a sentence quietly and then finishes with shouting.

Overall despite turning things upside down, it's been nice to be home. I was gone for the best part of January through the first week in May so it's been an adjustment. It's weird that it won't be home much longer.


  1. Phew - lots of changes! Congrats on finding a great job!