Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Random snapshot part deux: electric boogaloo

Things that have made me laugh really hard this week:

My school is SO EXCITED that a woman prof got quoted in a news story about the lack of women in some professions and the lots of women in others (pharmacy being one of them). They interviewed the professor who most resembles a doll. Seriously. Of all my female profs, do they interview the most mature or the one with the most research credits or the assistant dean or the one doing the most innovative stuff or even the newest to the staff? No. They interview Bar.bie. HAH article on getting more women into STEM careers. Way to police yourself and not perpetuate stereotypes about how women should look to get good jobs...

The baby wanting desperately to be carried around by big kids. We were at the toddler gym, cruising by ourselves in the big open space and attempting standing/dancing/crawling/walking with various foam shapes. Then the 7 year old and 4 year old girls arrived and she kept crawling to the 4 year old to be carried. She grinned and laughed and loved it.

Phishing got my school's email domain blacklisted from lots of places so I can't finish emailing preceptors and I have to try to get them on the phone. Go figure, of all the things that would cause my emails to bounce, it's some fools getting phished.

Things I'm excited for:

The new baby over at Full Bed blog! BABY! YAY! Congrats to mama baba and big sister!

Loaded baked potato soup, which we will make this weekend in a large quantity and freeze so there's something to eat until after finals. (I'm less excited that we couldn't make soup yesterday because there's zero funds for it, but that's life right now... yay... you don't want to hear about the other stuff we can't afford between here and the next student loan disbursement so just imagine)

The end of this semester. Let me out! LET ME OUT OF HERE!


  1. Mmmm I love baked potato soup! How many more days this semester?

    1. Right around 3 weeks left. Eeeeeeep! I actually have a dead week this semester so I'm excited to have some time to focus on studying instead of stuffing more information into my brain (it's really good my brain doesn't wear pants because at this point every semester it would be time to break out the post-Turkey Day sweats and groan on the couch).