Thursday, September 5, 2013

Feeding the baby

I thought I'd quick touch on how Little Monster is doing at eating things. 

She's still nursing 7-11 times a day (at least 2 are comfort since she spits up like crazy afterward) and is now eating at least one meal of solid food a day. We are doing baby-led weaning, which amounts to "feed the baby whatever you adults are eating."

She started seriously grabbing for every bite we took at about 5.5 months (so almost 6 weeks ago) and we decided it was time to let her have solids. We gave her some bread crusts to start with and she was thrilled. The next day she got a peach and ate about a third of one. Actually gnawed it and swallowed it. She'd have gone for more but we ran out since we thought she'd stop after only a couple slices. Whoops!

Since then, Little Monster has had green beans, apples, oranges, pasta with a bit of butter and cheese, and a trip to the local Chinese buffet where she ate very well. She got a chicken drummy, half a spring roll, a good bite of egg roll filling, some celery (not a hit), hard boiled egg, green beans again but fried, and an ice cream cone. So far she had a kind of scary reaction the second time she tried oranges she turned red, got some hives, and had some trouble breathing but it was solved by some bena.dryl. Otherwise things are going well!

Just feeding the baby is so much simpler than fancy mushes for just the baby. I am a big fan. 


  1. That's what I loved about BLW - so simple!

  2. I also LOVED baby led weaning. It worked so well for us (or maybe not because this kiddo didn't eat much until recently). What a concerning reaction to the orange, though! Yikes!

    1. I figure if we will have a non-eating kid again (as we have a not-so-eating 5 year old), we may as well have one who eats what the adults eat rather than only eating things the adults don't eat. It is mysterious how we have a 50 lb 5 year old who seems to eat next to nothing for days on end. The upside of the orange reaction is it's exactly like the one I have so we were watching for it like hawks, saw it, and problem resolved. Unfortunately it probably means we are in for it in the food allergy/sensitivity/ugh department. Sigh.