Sunday, June 16, 2013

Project dreamcatcher week 2

Let's define some steps to getting to this 5k.

1. Running every other day as soon as my shoes are back from their upgrade.
2. Yoga every other day to minimize pain, including yoga class on Tuesdays.
3. Stick to it.

There is a distinct catch to this, of course. I haven't actually started running just yet, and now my shoes are in for repairs until at least Wednesday. But why haven't I started? Oh me being a big baby and too chicken to go the gym by myself and surprise job interviews (this is fantastic) and that outing with the kid.

While my running shoes are in hock I am planning to walk for 90 minutes every other day (in my dress shoes/work shoes since they are it for my shoe collection).

I feel like the biggest challenge for me to overcome is inertia. I think once I get started, it should be easy enough to keep going. Except for the pain part. I think it's going to be more pain at first and then less pain once I am stronger. Chronic pain is just the most unpleasant thing ever.

My doc and dietician are all about me trying to lose weight with calorie counting/cutting but I'm not sold on making a second change in my life while I'm working on this exercise business. I think I'll wait on that until later and stick with "eating healthier" rather than fussing about calories and limiting snacks too much. I am going to unit dose my snacks for the week into small jars so I don't have to try to measure each snack every day. That way, if I am less than successful with my running/yoga project, I'm at least snacking a reasonable amount.

Side note: a lot of what happens in a hospital pharmacy is taking a bottle of pills and putting them into individual little bubble pack deals. Super duper fun!

I hope I'm not over-reaching for this goal, but I'm going to try.

My second goal is even bigger but I also feel like it's more manageable. The goal is to unpack every box of stuff in our house and get it put away or tossed out. Half of our garage is boxes, some unopened for years. We have boxes of things from our wedding pushing 10 years ago that need to be dealt with and disposed of or whatever. So far, we are working on one box a day and I think we'll get through most of them before the end of summer at that rate, presuming we can keep it up.


1. Clean up house a bit more each day and keep it clean.
2. Unpack one box a day and get its full contents put away somewhere or other.
3. Repeat until the boxes are all gone. Ooooof.

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