Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today was very exciting in the Future PharmD household. The spouse's school was closed, so all that remained to do for the day was excavate the driveway from the 10-14 inches of soggy snow we got, take the kid to daycare (because apparently a snow day is no fun without being home alone), and then drive 24 miles to take a very scary exam.  It took from 8am until about 11:45 (with breaks) to get the driveway cleared, but from there it was only about an hour until I arrived to take the test (at 2:30 or 3pm, I was really early just for good measure).

While the spouse was working on the driveway, the kid went out to play twice or thrice, and I studied a great deal.  It's a rare occasion where I am very pleased with the result of an exam, BUT in this case I was very excited to see my score because not only was it passing, IT WAS ABOVE A C.  I'll grant you that Cs earn degrees, but it still irks me. On some level I am a terrible perfectionist. ugh. After this semester I'm sure I'll have survived being a slighly irked perfectionist and be super happy that there's only 1 year left before rotations.

I had a good time watching the kid climbing around in the snow though, between bouts of frantic cramming reviewing my notes.  And I made her hot chocolate twice! Well, the first time, I heated the water, and then everyone got distracted and forgot about hot chocolate and went back outside to frolic in the snow/shovel it off the driveway/slave away learning about proton pump inhibitors and asthma drugs.

Tonight instead of studying like I should be, I am loafing. I watched 2 whole television episodes and played Legos with the kid! For more than 10 seconds! I designed a lunar lander vehicle and used the Lego Barbie Horse Adventure door as a solar panel and one of those gates horses jump as the tail fin.  When the kid's Favorite Uncle was here while I was in the hospital the other week (maybe I'll get to that eventually), he foolishly was talked into bringing the Lego/Duplo bin upstairs and our feet will never be the same.  However, despite my sore feet, the Legos have been a good time.  I'm curious about whether or not I requested the Lego Barbie Horse Adventure playset or whether some well-meaning person [::cough:: my mother] got it for me. My memory is that I asked for it, so that's strange.  I apparently had a very short horse adoration phase before returning to life in total terror of horses.

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